1974 Hodaka Suer Combat

1971 Bultaco Sherpa S 125 Model 63

This nearly 100% original, matching numbers Sherpa S 125 only required a minor restoration. It's amazing that the original pipe, fiberglass tank, side panels, front number plate, tires, grips, and alloy fenders are original. In fact, the only non-original parts on this bike are the frame paint, rings, decal on the rear fender, kick start & shift rubber covers, and engine gaskets. None of the chrome parts were re-chromed, and nothing else was painted (the tank and side panels have their original gel coat). The seat, pipe, bars, cables, tires, rims, grips, chain, etc., are all original.

I acquired this bike in May 2013 from Jim Godo, who at the time lived in beautiful Traverse City, MI. Jim has a significant collection of MX bikes, a number of which have been featured in VMX Magazine. Jim grew up in Michigan, and if I recall, he actually purchased a 1971 Sherpa S 125 in 1971 and raced motocross for the first time.

Nobody forgets their first motocross race, and Jim was no exception, fondly recalling racing with no protective gear other than his helmet, goggles, and a kidney belt! He also keenly remembered his brand-new Sherpa S being covered in Cosmoline (a rust preventative), which the factory used to prevent corrosion of the metal parts from exposure to the sea air during boat transit across the Atlantic. Determined to find a Sherpa S similar to the one he had raced in 1971, Jim purchased this bike in 2011 from a guy who acquired it from the original owner. The original owner purchased this bike on April 5, 1971, in Maryland and was actually issued a Certificate of Title (very unusual for an MX bike).

Thankfully, the previous owners appreciated this bike as much as I do, whereby it has been stored indoors for the past 40 years. Consequently, everyone can now see what a 1971 Bultaco Sherpa S 125 looked like when sitting in their local dealer showroom over 40 years ago.